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naturaltalent ([personal profile] naturaltalent) wrote2007-04-24 06:49 pm
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Room Description

The door is ringed by twinkly lights, with a sign on the door, hand painted with butterflies and flowers, that reads "Kaylee's Room". Kaylee's room, inside, is almost exactly like her bunk on Serenity, but bigger. It is decorated in bright colors, pretty lights, and flowers. There is a large closet that has a collection of the type of clothing Kaylee generally wears, as well as a few exceedingly frilly and girly dresses that are exactly Kaylee's style. In one corner of the room, there's a well-lit bench with tools and various small mechanical bits and pieces from different worlds and times for her to play with. There is also a mini-fridge with strawberries and cream inside, among other things.